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Understandings of a new Ethos

Happiness is a skill

From Greek Theta 'Thought or Soul'  and Latin 'Ex' meaning Out.

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Thought Expansion Workshop

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One Day Workshop
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  • A full day of eye opening discussion.
  • Practical exercises. 
  • Discover the magic of imagination and intention. 
  • Explore the possibilities of telepathy, healing and natural ability.
  • Practical steps for a better world and wiser communities.

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I Began speaking about the idea of a New Civilisation as a teenager in 1976
working with with 'The Center for Human Communication'

1979-1983 teaching and running workshops in Problems of work, Counseling, Philosophy, Emotions and Communications.

1985 began research into Renewable Energies, Self Sufficiency and Sustainable living and began teaching at festivals, Glastonbury, Big green gathering, demonstrating his 250,000 volt Solar powered Tesla Coil.. 

1990 demonstrating Renewable energies with solar Power and Windmills, writing first small book, 'Build a Wind Genny' in 1993, 

1991 Inventing with Robotics & Electronics , awarded a grant for Industrial Innovation for a Computer Controlled machine capable of routing Celtic Knots ,began further research into new forms of Social structure.

1996 invited to the House of Lords attending with 30 other engineers from around the world, the primary researches to running cars on Hydrogen from water.

1998 continued social research in Amsterdam for 2 years before returning to England in 2000.   teaching Robotics and Electronics, Computers and Interfacing Computers, Solar &  high frequency Healing Energy projects and other Electronic Wizardry at festivals.

2002 Renewable Energies workshops and teaching children Electronics, Robotics and Solar Power.

2006 , was on BBC 6 oclock news, demonstrating sunflower energy device.  

Local radio and other BBC TV with 'Ecology man'

2007 made first Electric Car, now 12 Electric Cars made by others watching the Film made. Also Solar Powered Electric Barge Boat.

2009 Festival Demonstrations at Glastonbury, Sunrise Festival and The Big Green Gathering.

Travels to Communities and help them Co-ordinate and Network, helping with Solar, Water & Wind power.  continued work with Renewable Energy & Alternative Community. 

"2010 and ongoing... Talks around the country on 'The Ethos for the new Civilisation' and 'From Science to Soul'


Available for Lectures and talks on all forms of Energy:  from Renewable Energies to the Energy and Magic of the Soul....

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Renewable Energy and Thexia Consultations!
Electric Vehicles, Wind and Solar Power!
or of course lets just turn your world inside out with some Thexia , blow away the cobwebs and blast through to a new level of Adventure...

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Ian Moore International (c)

 Mobile: 0783 7778246    

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Ian Moore International (c)   Mobile: 0783 7778246 

 Email: new@ianmoore .org

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